Guitar Repair: Drop Off & Pickup Hours
Wednesday-Friday: 12-6pm
Saturday: 12-5pm

Expert Guitar and Vintage Guitar Repairs and Restoration for Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Looking for a place to repair your guitar or bass? We offer complete guitar, bass and upright double bass repair. We treat every instrument like it's belongs in our own collection. Whether you need a simple set up or fret dressing to a neck set or complete fret crowning and leveling you've come to the right place.

We prefer to keep the original components and hardware on guitars however when we need to replace a pickup, tuner or other hardware or you request a modification we use the highest quality components available. Our services include guitar setups, fret dressing, fret crowning, refretting and leveling, structural repairs, crack repairs, gluing, bridge repairs, broken headstock repairs, nut and pickup electronics work.

Luthier Experience

Ben Frye is an accomplished Chicago Luthier. His family established the first musical instrument repair and construction course at Minnesota State College in Red Wing Minnesota. Ben is a graduate of Red Wing and has been repairing guitars since the a age of 14. His work includes guitar restorations for a national museums, repairing countless vintage guitars and upright basses with happy customers world-wide, and building his own instruments under the name Frye Guitars. Ben personally guarantees the quality of his work.

Customers can also ship guitars to us for repairs. Please contact us before shipping your guitar. We are easy to work with and all our mail in repairs are fully insured so don't hesitate to contact us about mail in guitar repairs.

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