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We're a USA Hofner dealer located in Chicago, IL. We specialize in German, Custom Shop and CT basses and limited edition guitars.  We have one of the largest selections of German Hofner basses in the Midwest.  We're not one of those super stores, you will find we're easy to work with and knowledgeable about Hofner.  Every customer receives personalized service.    We have stock on hand and we're minutes from the warehouse so rest assured we can quickly deliver that German or CT Series bass or guitar you've been looking for.  We ship guitars and basses world wide so please don't hesitate to contact us next time you're looking for a Hofner Guitar or Bass.

10 products found in Hofner Basses

Hofner HCT 500/1 Contemporary Violin Beatle Bass Sunburst
  • $899.00
Hofner H500/1-62-0 Violin Bass '62 'Mersey' Sunburst
  • $3,299.00
Hofner H500/1-62L-0 Violin Bass '62 'Mersey' Sunburst - Left Handed
  • $3,299.00
Hofner H500/1-63-ARL-0 Artist Series Violin Bass Sunburst - Left Handed
  • $2,499.00
Hofner H500/1-59 Violin Bass '59 Sunburst
  • $3,299.00
Hofner Green Line H500/1-HGL-0 Violin Bass
  • $3,299.00
New Hofner 500/1 Rooftop Beatle Bass German Lefty H500/1-RFT-L-0
  • $3,995.00
Hofner H500/2 Club Bass, Light Green Sonic Blue, One of a kind.
  • $3,499.00
Hofner H500/1 62 Violin Bass, Pearl Copper, Very Limited Run of 5
  • $3,499.00
New Hofner 500/5 President Bass Sunburst Uber Rare 2 Year Wait Keith Richards German Built
  • $4,495.00