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Why Buy Seagull Acoustic Guitars

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Seagull Acoustic Guitars start with Select Pressure Tested Solid Tops. A guitar produces sound as a result of the vibration of its strings. What's not so obvious is the role that the guitar top plays in amplifying these vibrations. In fact, the vibration of the top is the most important factor in a guitar's sound. Solid top guitars offer richer sound and wider dynamic range (they play better at both soft and loud volume levels). The most interesting thing about a solid top guitar is that it will actually sound better over time as the guitar ages. 

More reasons to buy a Seagull Guitar

Seagull offers both Cedar and Spruce tops.  We are often asked if we can recommend one over the other.  Both Cedar and Spruce offer the the same benefits, better tone and the ability to improve with age. In the end, this is a totally subjective question that can only be answered by actually playing the guitars. We suggest stopping into our Chicago showroom to find the Seagull Guitar that's right for your playing style.

More on Aging

When you buy a car does it get better an better as you drive it?  That's not going to happen with a car or most other products however it will happen with your Seagull guitar.   Solid tops are able to vibrate much more freely than a laminated (plywood) top. This results in richer tone, better dynamic range and better balance of tone.  Not only does a solid top sound better initially, over time the vibrations from playing the guitar result in the top opening up and vibrating more and more freely. This phenomenon is called 'aging' which means that the more the guitar is played, the better the guitar will sound. It is important to remember in order for a guitar to age it must be played. A guitar left in its case for 5 years will get older, but it will not 'age' as far as the tone goes.


Seagull tops start as a single piece of wood, which is split in two then glued together.  This creates grain so that each side of the top is a mirror image of the other creatiing a continous even grain pattern.  This is often called bookmatching as the two sides of the top are matched like pages in a book. 

Custom Polished Finish

Seagull guitars feature a custom polished finish that's available in both high gloss and semi gloss guitars.  Teh finish is buffed and sanded between each coat, similar to the way the old masters built their guitars.  This finish provides extra protection against scratches as well as pick marks. The real magic is that this finish provides incredible protection without sacrificing the amazing sound of these instruments. So how is this different than a "poly" finish?  Polyester finishes deaden the natural sound of a solid top, the Seagull Custom Polished finish allows the top to breathe and vibrate freely allwing the guitar to age properly. 

             seagull reverse headstock              The Seagull Reverse Headstock

Each Seagull neck starts out as a single piece of Mahogany or Silver Leaf Maple. The wood is cut at a 45 degree angle after which the top piece - the Headstock - is glued back on with the wood grain reversed. This results in an incredibly stable neck.  Take our word for it, Seagull does a great job offering quality throughout.  Dollar for dollar one of the best guitar values out there.

We're an authorized Seagull acoustic guitar dealer.  We ship world wide.  If you have any questions please drop us an email or feel free to call our store (773.878.8616).  We would be happy to answer any question you have.



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