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Vintage Pedal Photo Gallery

Enjoy our Vintage Pedal Gallery.  

Enjoy our Vintage Pedal and Effects photo gallery.  Please note these pedals are sold.  If you're looking for a pedal we have one of the largest pedal shops in the Midwest and we ship world wide.  Please visit our Pedal shop or contacts us for our latest new, used and vintage pedal stock.  - See our current pedal shop stock -

original-tube-echoplex-ep-2-large.jpg maestro-fuzztone-reissue-mint-w-box-photo1.jpg 1970-s-electro-harmonix-black-finger-compressor-small.jpg 



Gibson Meistro


Electro Harmonix Bad Finger

1091740793792-dsc02954.jpg   1970-s-kay-wa-wa-pedal-ec.jpg   dallas-arbiter-trem-face-ec.jpg  
Roland Bee Baa
                      1970's Kay Wah   Dallas Arbiter  Trem Face  
vtwin-s.jpg   siren-wah-s.jpg   roland-double-beat.jpg  
                          Mesa                         Siren Wah  
Roland Double Beet
late-60-s-early-70-s-univibe-w-foot-controller-ec.jpg   mutron3-s.jpg   cp9-b.jpg  
Late 60's or Early 70's
Univibe with Pedal
Mu-Tron II
Ibanez Conpressor Limiter
mxr-pitch-s.jpg   musitronics-mutron-biphase-s.jpg   morley-power-wah-boost-pedal.jpg  
MXR Pitch Transposer
Mu-Tron  Bi-Phase
Moorley Power Wah
morley-echo-volume.jpg   smallstone-s.jpg   digidelay-s.jpg  
Morley Echo Volume
Electro Harmonix Small Stone
Phase Shifter
Digital Delay


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