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Vintage Amp Photo Gallery, rare, collectibe and cool amps

We've sold hundreds of vintage and collectable amps over the years.  Here are a few of our favoite rare, cool and amps that just have great tone!   Note - These amps may have already been sold but here's a link to our current vintage,new and used amps for sale.


1964-fender-showman-amp-and-cab.jpg 1956-supro-comet.jpg 1963-fender-princeton-combo.jpg


1964 Fender Showman 1956 Supro Comet 1963 Princeton Combo 1965 Fender Tremolux  1963 Fender Bandmaster Head
 1966-fender-bandmaster-blackface-head.jpg  1969-marshall-jmp-50.jpg  1969-marshall-plexi-100w-super-bass.jpg  1970s-sunn-350b-head.jpg  1974-marshall-super-lead-100-watt.jpg
 1966 Fender Blackface Head  1969 Marhsall JMP-50  1969 Marshall Plexi 100  1970's Sunn 350B Head  1974 Marshall Super Lead 100
1989 Marshall JTM-45        



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