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1965 Fender Jazz Bass Ice Blue Metallic (Refin) L-Series Left Handed

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Product Description

Now here's an insanely cool piece. Leo Fender, the guy who pretty nailed the perfect electric bass the first time out of the gate, came through a second time with another iconic bass. What are the odds? Fender's Jazz Bass is the other side of the coin to the P-Bass. This time the neck became thin and fast, allowing for nimble runs and flourishes. The addition of second pickup gives you access to a whole new family of tones. Combine these two seemingly minor tweaks and you've just helped transform the bass into a lead instrument that can really cover a ton of ground.

As a '65 this one is part of the transition era at Fender. Clay dots gave way to pearl dots. Mint guards were replaced with white ones. All in all, small changes that keep it very much in spec with the very first ones to roll out of Fullerton. When we received the bass the alder body had been completely stripped. The original sunburst could be seen in places but as the wood was unsealed it needed some love. We're suckers for a good Custom Color so we contacted the masters at RS Guitarworks to refinish it. Ice Blue Metallic is a great color that works great with a white-guard era Fender. It has been subtly aged to match the original finish on the back of the neck and keep in line with how a bass of this vintage would have naturally aged. The matching headstock was a no-brainer. (We have photos of the bass pre-refin if you're curious). There were no routes and the tuner holes have not been enlarged. The pickups were rewound by our luthier. Pots are original, as are the rest of the parts.

We're happy to report that it comes through on all fronts. The neck is straight, the action is low and it feels and sounds like the best of em. Finally the lefties have a bass for all the righties to be jealous of. 8.7 lbs of pure heaven. Vintage Fender hard case included.

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