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1958 Gibson ES-335 TD Sunburst

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Product Description

First year ES-335!!! Yep, it's Gibson's game-changer and first ever semi-hollow guitar (well, after Les' "Log"). Where to begin on such an iconic guitar? Maybe we should mention the two oh-so-sweet sounding PAF's? What about the '58 neck carve which might be the most comfortable ever? Or maybe it's the early "long" pickguard which may seem like a small detail but really makes whole design come together. The classic "micky mouse ear" cutaways are also very present and on display.

To say that this is a guitar that is hard to put down is an understatement. Fittingly there is plenty of paint wear throughout and some pick-wear between the pickups. The plastic tuners buttons were at the end of their life like most tuners of this era. The originals are included with a good repro set on there now. As the neck-set on these early 335's is on the shallow side the bottom of the bridge was filed down a bit. This was probably done when the original frets were at the end of their life and they needed to get the bridge as low as it could go. The guitar has recently been re-fretted so the bridge has come up a little with the action low and buttery. 

The guitar weighs 7.9 lbs on our scale and we're happy to answer any other questions you might have on this lovely old Gibson. Original brown pink-liner hard case is included.

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