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Information on Rickenbacker Bass Guitars

Rickenbacker Basses - A brief history and popular models

Adolph Rickenbacker founded Rickenbacker with two partners in 1932. The company was originally named Ro-Pat-In then in 1934, renamed to the more logical Electro String instrument corporation. The name "Rickenbacker " was also added to the head stock this year. Electro String sold a series of frying pan, lap steels and Electro Spanish guitars. In 1953 Rickenbacker sold the company to Francis Cary Hall. Rickenbacker entered the bass market with the 4000S bass introduced in 1954 however they became popular with the growth of Rock N Roll in the 60's and 70's. The first Rickenbacker basses featured a one piece neck however today most Rick basses guitars use neck-through-body designs. "Rickenbacker (aka RIC or Rick) basses have a distinctive sound, unique styling and enjoy loyal following. Rickenbacker basses have a unique feature called Ric O Sound (shard with RIC Guitars) which allows each pickup to be connected to a different amplifier by means of an extra output jack allowing better bass control. Our customers love Rickenbacker basses and we have a hard time keeping them in stock.

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