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Information on Vintage Gibson Flying V Guitars

Gibson Flying V Guitars - A brief history and popular models

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The Gibson Flying V was a solid body electric that first appeared in the 1958 however it was not a popular design. In the 1960's the hardware was changed, control knobs locations were changed and and the guitar was re launched in the mid 60's. Jimi Hendrix often favored the Gibson V. The distinctive flying V and Explorer models were Gibson's first guitars using straight body lines and have a distinctly modern look to them. The initial response from players and retailer was very negative however Gibson was proven to be ahead of their time as these guitars later became quite popular with players and collectors. Despite an awkward look, Flying Vs are very easy to play. The bottom of the V rests against the player’s leg holding the guitar in a very playable position. Variations of the Flying V are still in production by Gibson.


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