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Zoom Sound Laboratory

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Zoom Sound Laboratory has an amazing lineup of ultra portable video and audio recorders and accessories, ideal for musicians and on the go and recording enthusiasts.  Zoom designs and develops their own products by fusing art and engineering into innovative procuts that inspire everyone, amateurs to professionals.

Zoom Sound Labs products includes the Handy Recorder line of audio recorders and the Q2 HD and Q4 Handy Video recorder.  The Handy audio recorders offer a variety of features.  For example the H4n offers onboard X/Y stereo condenser mics arranced on the same access providing natural depth and accurate imaging time after time.  The H2 HD video recorder offers great sound and HD recording at an incredible $99 price point.

We're a Zoom Sound Labratory dealer offering great prices and fast delivery on all Zoom products.  Buy Zoom sound labratory recorders online, call our store (773.878.8616) or drop us an email for a price quote. 




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