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Looking for Grover Jackson GJ2 Guitars? 

Grover Jackson is back with a new line of guitars. GJ2 guitars offer quality and innovation that’s been Grover Jackson’s hallmark for over 30 years. Guitars are built in the USA featuring GJ2 pickups and quality

Current innovations include a neck through heel design, invisible binding, compound radius neck for more consistent geometry and an improved three piece neck.  These guitar feel as great as they look.

GJ2 offers four lines of guitars. The Arete, Zor, Concorde and Glendora. We prefer the vintage looks of the Concorde and Glendora lines but their all excellent guitars.

The Concorde is a Flying V inspired shark fin design based on Grover Jackson’s original work with Randy Rhoads.  They feature 3 piece necks and neck-thru body construction in a light weight package.

The Glendora is our favorite GJ2 guitar.   GJ2 offers two models Glendora The Glendora features a Floyd Rose Tremolo bridge and the NLT uses a 2 point non-locking bridge. Custom and hand painted guitars are also available as a custom order.

A gj2 guitar in red - beautiful

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