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Buy Divided by 13 amps

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Divided by 13 amps - Buy Divided by 13 amps online

Why Buy Divided by 13 Amps?

In response to requests by local LA Musicians Fred Taccone developed divided by 13 amps.  Within hours of the completion of his first amp, Divided by 13 amps were put to work tracking for Paul McCartney's "Driving Rain" and Alanis Morissette's "Under Rug Swept".  Initially producers and engineering teams gave Divided by 13 enthusiastic reviews based on the results they were getting with ÷13 amps in the studio however word soon got around and orders were placed by a number of well known players, writers, producers, engineers throughout L.A.

divided-by-thirteen-amp.jpgFred leveraged his background in music and electronics to create one of the best sounding line of Boutique amps.   Divided by 13 still utilizes a hands on development process and continues to create road ready rock solid amps with superb tone.  Divided by 13 offers a comlete line of heads, cabs and combos.  Popular divided by 13 amps include the FTR 37, EDT 13/29, RAS23, CJ11, JJS31, RBP 19/37 and the RDT 200.  Divided by Thirteen amps get great reviews and are a pleasure to play. 

While we have stock on hand there are dozens of possible bundles and even more color combinations.  Please contact us to place your factory order, you can also buy current store stock online. 

Make your next amp a Divided by 13, you won't be disappointed



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