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buy bacino amps, based on marshall


Buy Bacino Amps Online


Bacino specializes in recreating the legendary Marshall 18 Watt combos.    They design and build each replica amplifier to exceed customer expectations of performance and authenticity.

They base their design on an original circa 1965 Marshall model #1958. They faithfully recreate all components to original specifications from the original parts.  Bacino even custom winds power and output transformers.  Chasis are opend ended aluminum and cabinets are finger jointed Baltic birch.  They've done a great job preserving the unique charafter of the original Marshall design

These amps precisely reproduce the intangible sonic effects that have earned the 18 watt Marshall such legendary status.  How it reacts under your fingers, how it sags when you play hard then cleans up when you back off the attack is extremenly important.  Although known for its power tube saturated overdrive which is thick, rich and brimming with harmonics, it can also be focused and clear or right on the cusp – variations from clean to dirty are controllable by your guitar’s volume knob and how hard or soft you play. The tube rectified, dual EL84 power section has plenty of punch, delivers a smooth top end and is not lacking in bass response.

Consider Bacino Amps, you won't be disappointed.  We ship world wide.  Please contact us for additional details on these amps or visit our Bacino amps page for current stock.


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