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Buy Electrical Guitar Company Aluminum Guitars

We haven't been this excited about Aluminum Guitars since we sold our last Vintage Travis Bean. Kevin Burkett of Electrical Guitar Company (EGC) manufacturers unique All Aluminum and Aluminum Neck guitars. He believes aluminum rings out in a very unique way and aluminum guitars have an almost natural chorus to them doing what wood does but only better. Kevin also manufactures his own EGC pickups guaranteeing Electrical Guitar Company guitars have a unique sound. After trying our a couple of Kevin's guitars we were amazed at the great tone and craftsmanship. These are very cool guitars and extremely rare due to limited production. We believe they will be highly sought after a few years down the road.

We have several EGC guitars in stock, you can also order custom guitars with a choice of colors and materials. Please stop by our shop or give us a call to discuss ordering your Electrical Guitar Company Aluminum Guitar. Call 773-878-8616 or Email us at rocknrollvintage@gmail.com to buy an ECG Aluminum guitar or for more info on our ECG Electrical Guitar Company Aluminum Guitars.

buy the amazing aluminum guitar from Electrical Guitar Company


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