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Analog Outfitters


Buy Analog Outfitters Amps online or visit our Chicago showroom.
Analog Outfitters evolved from the reconditioning and restoration of vintage audio gear.  They specialize in creating very unique products including guitar amps and MIDI controllers using copmponents from discarded equipment.  The have an extensive background in vintage audio gear including Hamond Organ repairs which they use to create a line of boutique amps.   Eco friendly and killer tone, you can't go wrong. 

The Sarge

The Sarge utilizes vintage Hammond transformers providing a powerful tone while the Hammond inverter circuit provides a solid crunch creatign a rich harmonic wonder.  They have also optimized the design to minimize unwanted hum and noise which is common to vintage amplifiers.  It's housed in a heavy duty light weight aluminum enclosure (actually obsolete scientific instrument enclosure) providing a durable rigid frame.  It's powered by two EL84's (15 Watts), 2 12AX7 in the preamp and has Volume, Treble and Bass controls.  

The Road Amp
analog outfitters road amp has killer tone
The Road amp is offers volume, treble, and bass controls and a robust 20 watt output into 8 ohms.  They utilize dual 6V6 power tubes, 12AX7 and 12AU7 preamp tubes, and a 5U4GB rectifier tube.  It's a 100% hand wired, point-to-point design. 

We're an Analog Outfitters dealer, we offer the best prices and fast shipping.   Stop by our store for a demo, drop us an email or give us a call.  We're happy to answer questions about our Analog Outfitters amps.

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