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1960's Jolana Tornado Hollowbody Red

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Product Description

It just doesn't get any more atomic-age than this Jolana Tornado with its sleek lines and Eastern-Block origins. It's that perfect happy marriage of Jetson's and surf culture that somehow made its way to Czechoslovakia. The Tornado is fully hollow with a 24-3/4" scale, 16" lower bout. The neck and frets are good but like a lot of guitars of this type it could probably benefit from being fitted with new bridge if you want to get heavy use out of it. The bridge is floating so that's not too big a of deal and the neck is a bolt on so it's easy to adjust and shim if need be. The neck profile is a slightly meaty medium C shape, 1-5/8" wide at the nut.

The switching system is a real head-scratcher. Every time we think we have it figured out something doesn't totally add up, but each switch seems to do something, sometimes only in context of another switch being flipped on. I found a page with some more info and I've grabbed their photo to guide you through. They posted the following info:

  • S1 - switches between two modes of operation:
    rocker-switch up = Middle PU and P1, P2 are activ. Bridge- & neck PU as well as all elements below strings are inactiv.
    rocker-switch down = Bridge- & neck PU and all elements below strings are activ. Middle PU and P1, P2 are inactiv.
  • P1 - tone (for middle PU)
  • P2 - volume (for middle PU)
  • S2 - on/off (for neck PU)
  • S3 - on/off (for bridge PU)
  • P3 - volume (for bridge PU)
  • P4 - volume (for neck PU)
  • S4 - treble-filter (for bridge & neck PU)
  • S5 - bass-filter (for bridge & neck PU)

 It's a crazy guitar looking for an equally crazy owner. :)

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