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1957 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow

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Product Description

Full disclosure: TV Specials are my all-time favorite guitars, so yes, I am slightly biased in my review here! These guitars bring together everything I love about the classic 50s era at Gibson. Two very versatile P-90 pickups. Lightweight wraparound tailpiece. One piece mahogany bodies and necks. Yep, the "good wood" that everyone always talks about. Plus, when it comes down to actually playing the darned thing you've got the most comfortable, big-but-not-chunky neck carve of all time. By '57 they got the intonation of the tailpiece right and the neck set is at the correct angle as well so you can really dial in the action. There's lots of real-world wear but no cracks or breaks. There's a repro set of tuners on the guitar for smother operation but the holes are not drilled out. The bridge posts are also changed out for a set that fit a little tighter but the originals are included. Pickups and electronics are original and work great. Pickups read at 7.8k and 8.3k (a little wood shim was added under the bridge pickup to get it closer to the strings). Best of all, this thing was recently the recipient of a pro re-fret so it plays as deftly as a brand-new guitar. 7.2 lbs!!! Please let us know if you have any questions on it or want to see any other details. We hope you'll love it as much as we do.

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